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Strategies to Prevent Burnout in Your Nursing Staff


Nurse burnout has negative consequences. It not only affects their health but it can also lessen the quality of treatment provided to patients and increase the risk of medical errors. In addition to self-management strategies, healthcare facilities can also play a role in reducing burnout among healthcare professionals.

As a healthcare staffing agency in North Dakota, we will discuss ways your facility can help prevent burnout in your nursing staff:

  • Learn to recognize and address burnout.

    Registered nurses and other nursing staff play a crucial role in any healthcare team. During training, management should familiarize themselves with the signs of burnout, such as an increasing number of callouts and being frustrated with small inconveniences. By being able to recognize the signs of burnout early, they can find ways to address stress before it becomes a more serious issue.

  • Improve nurse-to-patient ratios.

    A healthcare staffing agency can help facilities improve their nurse-to-patient ratios. Although bringing on additional staff will cost more, the expense can help offset other challenges. This includes high nurse turnover, poor patient outcomes and satisfaction, as well as poor readmission rates.

  • Implement support programs.

    Leadership should involve nursing staff with scheduling to promote better work-life balance. Nurses can collaborate with managers and staffing offices to create schedules that work for everyone. Support programs can also be implemented, such as holding meetings to talk about health or setting up respite areas for nurses.

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