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Find fulfilling careers that will harness your potentials and help you achieve your professional goals.

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Nurse Practitioners

We have a pool of experienced NPs who provide primary and specialty healthcare.

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Our nurses are properly trained and skilled in direct patient care.

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Certified Nurse Aides

We have trained medical aides who can support your team.

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Learn more about the staffing solutions we have in store for you.

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Welcome to Triad Travel Nursing Agency LLC

Premier Healthcare in Grand Forks, North Dakota

We are a Healthcare Staffing Agency in Grand Forks, North Dakota allied to the healthcare industry. Bridging the gap between talent and organizations is our forte. We provide client-centered staffing solutions that will help healthcare facilities realize their goals. Medical practitioners also have higher chances of finding promising opportunities with our support. Our goal is to improve access to highly qualified nurses who have a proven record of making a difference at the bedside. Call us today to discuss future opportunities.

We Are Committed Mission Statement

Triad Travel nurses provide innovative healthcare workforce solutions and staffing services that help healthcare systems deliver excellent, cost-effective patient care.

About Us
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Delivering Unparalleled Services Hospital or Healthcare Facility

Healthcare facilities in the Midwest and beyond can benefit from our safe and reliable staffing solutions.

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For Critical Staffing Needs

Find the best professionals to complete your growing healthcare team.

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Partner with us for quality healthcare staffing solutions.

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Need efficient professionals for your team? Discuss your staffing needs with us.

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