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Committed to Excellent Care
Our Mission

Triad Travel nurses provide innovative healthcare workforce solutions and staffing services that help healthcare systems deliver excellent, cost-effective patient care.

Our Vision

To be the most innovative and trusted nursing agency in the nation.

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Triad Travel Nursing Agency LLC is a Healthcare Staffing Agency in Grand Forks, North Dakota focused on connecting highly experienced nurses with healthcare institutions facing staffing challenges. Our nurses are highly motivated, hardworking, and compassionate professionals who are eager to make a difference in the lives of the patients at their greatest time of need. Our goal is to improve access to highly qualified healthcare professionals who have a proven record of making a difference at the bedside. Our objectives include delivering patient-centered care, treating our employees and clients with respect, empathy, honesty, and transparency while creating a culture that promotes family values.

Triad Travel Nursing Agency LLC was developed by nurses to bridge the gap between talent and organizations facing staffing challenges. The founders of our company have over 20 years of nursing experience. This experience led us to pursue an innovative approach centered on meeting both nurses and client needs. Today’s nurses are more likely to be mobile, adventurous, and curious. They are willing to step outside their comfort zone in pursuit of enlightenment and personal reward. Here at Triad Travel Nursing Agency LLC, we take time to understand the unique needs of our nurses. This translates into better placement opportunities, freedom of choice, increased morale and peace of mind. Our goal is to provide organizations with the right nurse, at the right time and for the right price.

Our Core Values


Organizations, structures, procedures, and technology, as we consider, should serve the people rather than the other way round. In the services we deliver and the world we live in, we cherish and appreciate the beauty of life and the unlimited social progress. We provide passion, innovation, and vitality by expressing our positivity and accomplishments and inspire excitement and commitment.


We appreciate each other and are dedicated to assisting one another’s achievements. We connect our goals, challenges, and accomplishments while maintaining individual liberty. We have a wonderful time as we excel.


We acknowledge that our industry is constantly adjusting and aggressively embrace the necessity to adapt and evolve. We maintain an optimistic attitude in the face of challenges and look for possibilities in what appears to be disastrous.


We uphold our promises. Our ambitious concept is transparency. We prioritize executing on commitments and discussing achievements openly.

Continuous Improvement

We take regular breaks to reflect on our achievements and appreciate our milestones along the course. We bear the blame for our inadequacies and grow from them. We are motivated by a desire to grasp and promote infinite concepts, thoughts, and inventions.

Sense of Urgency

We undertake our job with the understanding that our staff and corporations depend on us to help them thrive. We base our operational processes on a delivery mechanism and a feeling of dynamism fundamental to who we really are. Apathy is a danger, and if we dither, we will fail!


We handle our internal and external stakeholders the way we desire to be addressed. We take enough time to understand our staff members and customers personally. We recognize the significance of each staff member to the company, and we make an effort to foster an open and happy atmosphere across all entities we represent.

Get in Touch

If you wish to partner with us in finding the right professionals for your business, please do not hesitate to talk to us. For more details, please send us a message here.