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Registered Nurse Emergency Unit

Posted 5 months ago

Contract Terms:

  • 6-13 weeks
  • 36-hour work week
  • Previous Travel Experience preferred

Pay Package:
$3500 per week in taxable and nontaxable monies (exact pay package will be determined at time of offer)

Job Objective:
An Emergency Department Registered Nurse must be knowledgeable in multiple disciplines, pediatrics, obstetrics, medicine, cardiology, trauma, orthopedics, oncology, infectious disease, and psychiatry. He/she must be knowledgeable in caring for all age groups; newborns, infants, toddlers, childhood, adolescence, adult and geriatric.
Essential Duties for all RN’s in the Emergency Department:

Meets all the essential duties of a Registered Nurse.

1. Nursing Process

Applies nursing process in direct patient care.

  1. Skillfully practices triage of patients per Triage Policy
  2. Assesses patients and documents on the ED nursing T-system a minimum of
  3. every two hours or more often when necessary.
  4. Appropriately intervenes when assessment reveals an abnormal finding, examples include but are not limited to airway, breathing, circulation.
  5. Knowledgeable regarding pre-hospital forms.

2. Nursing Care Delivery Process

  1. Knowledgeable regarding current emergency nursing practices and procedures.
  2. Knowledgeable of the legal aspects of emergency nursing care, including but not limited to:
    1. Treatment and/or release of minor to someone other than parent.
    2. EMTALA laws regarding medical screening exams and transfer procedures.
    3. Procedure for medical/legal examination and collection of evidence.
    4. Procedure for obtaining legal blood alcohol specimen.
    5. Requirements for reporting suspected elder/dependent adult and child abuse/neglect.
  3. Coroner’s report
  4. After-care instructions

3. Technical Equipment

  1. Chest tubes, drainage system, and auto-transfuser.
  2. Cardio-Respiratory monitors
  3. Monitoring equipment; Arterial Lines, CVP, Swanz Ganz, ICP.
  4. Invasive and non-invasive blood pressure monitoring.
  5. Crash cart/defibrillator (external and internal), ambu bag.
  6. Oxygen saturation/pulse oximetry
  7. Fluid warmer
  8. 12 lead ECG
  9.   Pacemaker, internal and external
  10. Competent operation of ReddiNet communication System

Required Licensure and/or Certifications:

  • Current California Registered Nursing license (or EMSA)
  • BLS
  • ACLS
  • PALS

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